We Leverage Strategic Storytelling Through Micro-Documentaries to Unlock Marketing Potential

By blending the art of micro-documentary filmmaking with a deep understanding of market dynamics, Beyond Werds transforms narratives from the autism community into strategic tools for visibility, offering organizations a powerful medium to connect and engage.

We partner with a spectrum of organizations and professionals in and around the autism community, including professional service organizations, educational institutions, experience-based businesses, and dedicated non-profits and advocacy groups. While our direct clients are these entities committed to supporting individuals and families living with autism, our work inherently resonates with and is for the benefit of these families, reflecting their experiences and championing their stories within the broader community.

Here are a few examples of a micro-documentary: a concise, engaging short film that captures and conveys a compelling story or issue, typically within a few minutes, making it ideal for today’s fast-paced, digital audience.

Trace our path from roots to revelation:

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Before evolving into its own entity with a distinct mission, Beyond Werds served as an innovative process within our parent company, Fill in the Brand. The content below reflects our original page, preserved for context and insight. While our mission has grown, our foundational process endures, providing a clear lens into our journey and why our current focus marks a significant evolution.

Unlock the Power of Authentic Storytelling

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We Press Record On Conversations

Beyond Werds is a transformative process that is an integral part of our methodology. It shows up in many different ways, including:

The Start of an Engagement

Authentic Video Content & more can happen in only 30 days with this entry-level service offering. If you have marketing momentum and are interested in ways to level up your branding efforts to raise awareness and drive revenue, this is a great place to begin.


During A Campaign

Exclusive to existing clients, this category is focused on expanding conversations beyond the scope of the current project. It is what happens during production in between official takes or at the end when we keep things rolling. While it is also used as a way to prompt stronger responses that can improve the overall campaign, it also creates new possibilities for what we can do tomorrow.


When It’s Personal

These are conversations with people we’re interested in, about topics we’re curious about. They’re not always with our clients or people in our market. They’re often with individuals who have impacted us and have a story we want to capture. Though not for a specific business objective, we’ve found that seeking these conversations out uncovers unique opportunities.


Recent Conversations:

I’m Andrew, the founder of Fill in the Brand and the creator of Beyond Werds.

Beyond Werds has always been the foundational process for everything we do at Fill in the Brand. In recent years it was just given this name, and it has made everything we do work.

I have always been driven by the desire to stand out and make a real impact. I struggled to find the right words to describe what I did and how I could help others. That’s when I discovered the power of vulnerability and authenticity.

I realized that if I was going to build a brand that truly resonated with people, I needed to be open and honest about who I was and what I believed in. So, I started having conversations with people I was interested in talking to, and I began to capture those conversations on camera.

These conversations became the foundation for everything we do at Fill in the Brand. They helped me understand my clients on a deeper level, and they helped me communicate their message in a way that truly connected with their audience.

And that’s what Beyond Werds is all about. It’s about going beyond the surface level and getting to the heart of who you are and what you believe in. It’s about capturing those raw and authentic moments that make you who you are and using them to build a brand that truly stands out.

We want to help you do the same, and that’s why we’re sharing this process with you. We want to help you discover the power of vulnerability and authenticity in building a brand that truly resonates with people.

We expect Beyond Werds to evolve in the years to come, but it will always be the foundation of what we do.


I met Yandie when I began working with WealthEdge back in 2017. I have always appreciated her approach to financial planning. As we were wrapping up a recent production shoot at the office, I asked Yandie if I could continue recording and dive into something a bit more personal. I knew this conversation could be of value to someone that finds themselves at a similar point in their journey.

Yandie Liautaud, is the Financial Planning Director at WealthEdge®. Yandie heads the Financial Planning team, providing comprehensive wealth management options to clients. She supports clients through every stage of their financial journey, utilizing a family office approach and working closely with clients’ professional advisors to create personalized financial plans. Yandie is known for her exceptional listening skills and unwavering support during life’s pivotal moments. With an MBA from Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business and a Certified Financial Planner® designation, Yandie’s expertise is unmatched. When she’s not helping clients reach their financial goals, she enjoys exploring her passion for sustainable and impact investing, as well as music and dance. Yandie is fluent in both French and Spanish.

The Champion Autism Network (CAN) is a non-profit organization based in Surfside Beach, South Carolina, that aims to create supportive and judgment-free experiences for people living with autism. Founded in 2012 by Becky Large, a business professional and mother of a child with autism, CAN works to educate and empower communities, businesses, and organizations to enhance the quality of life for people with autism. The organization values love, empowerment, acceptance, and playfulness as key principles in its mission.

CAN recognizes that life with autism can be unpredictable and that people with autism may have sensory processing issues that make certain stimuli difficult to tolerate. As a result, they may have tantrums or meltdowns in public, which can lead to criticism and judgment from others. In an effort to create more inclusive communities, CAN works to build a network of autism champions that includes businesses, local non-profits, and individuals with autism. In 2016, Surfside Beach declared itself the first autism-friendly travel destination, and the City of Myrtle Beach and Horry County followed suit in 2018. Through its efforts, CAN aims to create a world where all people can happily live, work, and play.

Michael Large is a highly qualified and experienced attorney who has dedicated much of his career to helping the aging population and individuals with disabilities. He received his bachelor’s degree in 1987 from Richard Stockton College and his Juris Doctor degree from Temple University School of Law in 1991. Michael is admitted to practice law in South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, and has a broad range of expertise in areas such as elder law, estate planning, supported decision making, guardianship and conservatorship matters, Medicaid planning, probate administration and litigation, and public benefits appeals.

Prior to joining the Law Office of Deirdre W. Edmonds, Michael worked as the head of the Elder Law unit at South Carolina Legal Services, where he worked with local community groups, state agencies, and national organizations to develop programs and outreach that helped educate the public and protect the rights of vulnerable adults. He is actively involved in the South Carolina Bar, serving on the Vulnerable Adult Task Force and Elder Law Committee, and is a member of the Horry County Bar, the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, and the Board of Directors for Champion Autism Network. In addition to his professional commitments, Michael is also a Leadership Grand Strand alumni and a frequent volunteer and speaker on issues affecting the elderly and vulnerable adults. In his personal life, Michael is happily married to his wife Becky and they have two sons.