We Leverage Strategic Storytelling Through Micro-Documentaries to Unlock Marketing Potential

By blending the art of micro-documentary filmmaking with a deep understanding of market dynamics, Beyond Werds transforms narratives into strategic tools for visibility, offering organizations a powerful medium to connect and engage.

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The problems we see
are the problems we address.


Clients often have disjointed content pieces that fail to tell a cohesive story.


Traditional approaches leave valuable content on the table by focusing only on specific talking points and not leveraging the stories of strategic partners. This results in missed opportunities to create richer, more engaging narratives over time – letting the content live and breathe with new audiences.


The new and unknown nature of this approach can be intimidating, making it difficult for clients to see the potential benefits.

Which is why we record conversations to make the authentic videos our clients crave right now, while creating future opportunities they can’t yet see.

Our no hurry approach encourages everyone we work with to trust and enjoy the process.

Each micro-documentary starts with a single, impactful conversation.

This helps us uncover the stories we can develop, with the potential to evolve over time.

A process that offers endless content opportunities. See how we transform a full-length conversation into a micro-documentary by clicking the button below. You will notice key segments from the main conversation become a part of what brings the story to life.

The framework we developed
is the framework we follow.

(It’s how we deliver consistent results.)

Packaging, Pricing & Rationale

Our options align with clients’ needs and growth stages, introducing essential communication processes. Clients often expand budgets as they see value, leading to more extensive work. Each option introduces our method, with broad pricing ranges to refine later, encouraging long-term partnerships. The lowest option serves as an entry point, while higher options offer extended collaboration and strategic integration.

Each option includes extensive filming, strategic guidance, and a collaborative process. We ensure all content is stored and archived for future use, allowing clients to leverage their investment over time. Our pricing structure is customized for each client, offering easy options that include any necessary travel expenses, location costs, and other logistics, providing a clear and predictable cost. We don’t burden clients with details they don’t care about or have time to think about.

The way we think about content:
(an original drawing)

It’s unique and it works.

By capturing entire conversations and following curiosities to ask deeper questions in real-time, we create layered content. Our unique Beyond Werds Thematic Analysis process syncs footage with full transcription, organizing and engaging clients in the content production journey. This multi-purpose content enhances marketing efforts and can evolve to meet various needs, leveraging one of the most efficient production approaches in the industry.

Some recent and original full length conversations.

Learn more about the journey that shaped Beyond Werds.