Oftentimes, in order to piece together a big concept, we must showcase each component individually. These on-going campaigns help your audience grasp complex situations in easy to understand components – keeping your message both thorough and clear, without being overpowering.

In the event of Sudden Death

We developed a campaign with our client, WealthEdge® Advisors, a wealth management company in New York, with the goal of communicating all of the different aspects of End of Life Planning. The idea was to communicate this in a direct and relatable way.

The content featured in this campaign touched on both the emotional and technical components clients should consider. It features the team at WealthEdge® along with Professional Partners discussing the different topics that arise, along with valuable insights that can be taken away. The campaign consisted of various individual interviews and a roundtable discussion. This first example showcases how the campaign was introduced.

Here are some additional examples from our Sudden Death Campaign:

To learn more about End of Life Planning, or if you want to discover more of our work with WealthEdge®, we invite you to visit their website.