Capturing Authentic Conversations for Engaging Content

In 2020, the way we communicate and create content changed dramatically. That’s when we discovered a new and innovative way to produce content that had a truly unique and effective impact – it’s called TapeACall. This process involves recording phone conversations and using those recordings to create engaging content.

One of the great things about TapeACall is that it captures the essence of real-life conversations and embraces the natural quality that you might expect from a recorded phone call. We’ve had the opportunity to use this process with numerous individuals and organizations, and the content we’ve created has resonated with audiences.

One example of a successful TapeACall campaign was a project with a client that focused on defining financial terms. We wanted to go beyond just textbook definitions and create something that felt authentic. The responses from the team were exactly what we hoped for and helped to develop a sense of engagement with our audience.

Another use case for TapeACall was capturing testimonials. We would provide a brief overview to each subject about what to expect, and then record the call from the start. Because there was minimal preparation required and no fancy production equipment needed, the conversations captured in this way had a natural flow and authenticity that couldn’t be achieved as easily through traditional methods.

Today, while we no longer have production limitations that prevent us from filming subjects in person, this process is still requested by clients who find themselves in unique situations where TapeACall is the perfect fit. If you’re interested in seeing some examples of the kind of content that can be created using this method, check out some examples from our TapeACall collection. We think you’ll be impressed by the authenticity and creativity that can be achieved through this process.

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