How Failing to Share Your Unique Voice Can Be the Biggest Missed Opportunity for Your Business

Unique and genuine voices are hard to come by and, in their absence, people will gravitate to the person or company with the most exposure. The sooner your story is told, the sooner your audience can find you. A small dedication to this process now, can yield big results later.

Without this approach to content you’re missing valuable connections that can provide the trust your clients are looking for. You also miss out on the chance to gain the authority you’ve worked hard to build.


Proven Strategies for Building Connections and Driving Revenue

After almost 20 years of helping clients adapt to the ever-changing marketing landscape, I’ve learned ways to streamline everything I do to immediately level up my client’s marketing.

With just a 60 minute recorded conversation, I get everything I need to show you exactly how to implement a truly authentic video content strategy that achieves 3 things EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Add value (existing clients)  –  Drive revenue (new clients)  –  Create connection (both)

My streamlined process has helped countless clients level up their marketing efforts.


Having pressed record thousands of times with hundreds of people, this direct process of filming natural conversations has led me to personally add value for people I care about, drive revenue for businesses and people I want to work with, and create connections with people I am interested in.

I’ve done it and that’s why I sell it. This process creates a transformative experience unlike any other and you will definitely leave realizing how little you knew about what marketing could be.

I’ve also helped countless others achieve results from doing this on their own. Some of them sell Nutritional Coaching for $200/mo and others sell 3M homes. It all starts the same way.

Because I have done this for others in such an extensive way through the years, I’ve learned what works best based on where each client actually is in the process. What used to take months (and sometimes years) now happens in one conversation and all I have to do is press record to show you what I mean.

Here is exactly what you get in the 1 month it takes to do this work together:

A production experience that completely shatters any preconceived notion about how you come across on camera

Visual proof that your stories are good (and can be repeated without you)

A newfound appreciation and confidence in the long-game and what to do next

Links to your stories that can be put anywhere people might look (website, social media, etc), and a guarantee that you don’t have to go at that part alone

A clear understanding of how such a small investment in your time can produce so much value today (and definitely tomorrow)

New ways for the right people to find you and feel like they know you before you even meet

A better understanding of how a content strategy like ours can either co-exist or completely replace your current marketing strategy

Precise Deliverables:

(60) minute filmed in-person conversation with 1 subject

(3) Authentic Ready-To-Go Video Narratives that support communication needs for both new and existing clients

(2) Shorter Throwaway* Narratives that showcase your personality

(60) minute Zoom/Call to review content, cover next steps & address questions

Professionally written video descriptions based on each piece of content that you can copy and paste

Custom artwork that will be used for each video thumbnail which may be customized to match specific branding guidelines

Leverage Authentic Video Content (By Next Month)

Now is the time to make the decision. You’re either going to put this off like other things you haven’t treated as a priority, or you actually take a chance with something that can give you the outcome your business needs. You understand the importance of authentic communication because it speaks to you when you consume it.

This introductory service offer is available for only 10k.

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